08. 05. 2020, Zoom

Class performance – online

I don’t usually point out classroom performances, but it was a really noteworthy experience.

For the first time since I have been teaching, I have had to adapt and carry out online teaching, like all other colleagues who teach, due to the situation in the world (you can read more about this experience in the blog).

All the students during this period were very hardworking, so I decided to organize a virtual performance for the students and their parents. It was a new, interesting and different experience for everyone.

Ela Sedmak, 1st year klj. fl.

Špela Nemarnik, 2nd year klj. fl.

Teja Poljak, 1st year

Lucija Bucaj, 2nd year

Enej Gržančić, 3rd year and Maks Gržančić, piano

Lara Šramel, 4th year

Elia Gustin, 6th year

Katja Filipič, 6th year