15. – 20. 07. 2019 in Koper  (Koper Music School).

Participants: Lara Šramel, Elia Gustin, Nena Blažič, Maruša Gjerek, Nika Može, Nika Jeraj and Alenka Krstič.

“The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to learn the Art of Flute playing every day, from moment to moment, through observation and awareness. Only consciously following the musical path enables the free expression of all the richness we carry within us.”

FlavtArt program encourages networking, so all all-day activities were intertwined with the group spirit.

The individual approach of Flute playing was also holistic and unifying, which had a profound effect on the development of an individual. Relaxing-meditative work, awareness of the body, emotions and thought patterns, learning about one’s own obstacles and freeing them, free expression, creative creation, relaxing activities and delving into various music themes were included in everyday experience.

The program enabled the participating flutists to be completely free at the right time and to express themselves confidently and fully at the performances. In addition to learning about the elements of playing the flute, chamber music is equally important. Therefore, there was no shortage of chamber groups, where they learned to create joint music by listening, adapting and communicating appropriately.

Undoubtedly, the greatest satisfaction of an individual participating in the FlavtArt program is free expression, group socializing and creativity, where each individual merged into a whole and fully experienced the art of Flute playing.

“The FlavtArt program is special. It teaches you to deepen yourself, it gives you a different view of the world, music and playing flute awareness. Most important is the recognition that only your own pattern separates you from the necessary changes.” Nika Jeraj, UG Celje

“The feelings after the FlavtArt program are phenomenal. Despite five days of hard work, practice and playing, I feel renewed and full of energy. Still, with a lot of fun. I like that Prof. Alenka Zupan approached to us in a different way of other summer schools. We talked a lot about deepening in ourselves and in life. Wonderful new experience.” Maruša Gjerek, UG Koper