FlavtIstra 2018 – TOP Festival!

///FlavtIstra 2018 – TOP Festival!

FlavtIstra 2018 – TOP Festival!

24. and 25. 11. 2018, Koper Music School

5th FlavtIstra Festival

International giury members: Jasmine Choi (Korea), Mario Caroli (Italy), Etni Molletones (Venezuele) and Matej Zupan (Slovenia).

»I had such a wonderful time in Koper at the last FlavtIstra 2018. First of all, I was very pleasantly surprised of the top level playing of the students who participated throughout all the ages from 9 years old to 24 years old. Secondly, and perhaps more importantely, this special concept that everyone plays a short concert (and get judges’ personal comments) rather than being compared or being competed was absolutely the highlight of the FlavtIstra. Because we as musicians, don’t learn or play for winning like athletes in the olympics, but we play simply because we love music, we love playing the flute, and we love sharing the joy. Thanks to Alenka Zupan’s philosophy, we were all happy before, during, and after the festival. This really serves the essence of music, and I wish all the very best for the future of this Flautistra. Bravo to you all:) .« Jasmine Choi, FlavtIstra 2018 giury member

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