21. 09. 2019, Koper Music School

FlavtIstra – 6th Professional Workshop for Flute Students and Teachers


NINA FAJFAR BAŠA: Effective breathing exercises and maintaining balance in the body

NAIKE DAPIRAN: The impact of music on human development – in children and adults

A one-day workshop based on practical and useful acquisition of knowledge and exercises for effectively solving the problems of flute playing.

The practical deepening and acquisition of new knowledge was attended by 53 flute students and teachers from music schools: Ajdovščina, Glasbena matica Trieste, Scuola di Musica – Civica Trieste, Franca Šturma Ljubljana, Medvode, Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Munich, Ptuj, Radlje ob Dravi, Ribnica, Sv. Anton, Zagorje, Žalec.

This year’s workshop was led by outstanding experts in their fields, lecturers Nina Fajfar Baša and Naike Dapiran from Croatia. The participants got acquainted in a practical way and delved into the various possibilities of solving problems in pedagogical work as well as in everyday practice, playing and performing.

“The only source of knowledge is experience,” says Albert Einstein. Therefore, FlavtIstra 2019 impressed all participants, as everything gained will usefully contribute to the enrichment of pedagogical work and deeper experiences of playing the flute.

More info at the flute festival FlavtIstra: https://www.flute-festival.com