IPSIA – Forli, Italy

///IPSIA – Forli, Italy

IPSIA – Forli, Italy

04th – 10th September 2018, Forli, Italy


IPSIA Symphonic and Balcan Orchestra

The second part of the IPSIA project – “Music, bridge between the Nations” was held on five intense days in Forli, Italy. Young musicians from Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Spain, Italy and Slovenia, created a musical connected family with a common goal: to create wonderful music.

The intensive exercises in the overall sections led to very successful concerts of both the symphonic and the Balkan orchestra, where young musicians joined in the musical and technically perfected orchestral play. Collaboration has created a deep connection between young musicians and at the same time unforgettable in a wonderful musical experience.

More information: IPSIA – Forli

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