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//Workshops, seminars

Flute seminar in Celje

29. 03. 2019, Celje Music School Seminar for Celje Art Gimnasium flute students Seminar for flute students at Celje Art Gymnasium (mentor: Mirjana Brežnik) and exchange of Koper Art gymnasium students. A seminar was held in Celje Music School. Practical tips for solving problems and upgrading interpretation have been enriched by the performnce of young flutists. After the seminar, a joint performance was followed, where the students listened to each other, fostered and handed their expression [...]

29 March, 2019|

Flute seminar and workshop – Ljubljana

09. 01. 2019, Franca Šturma Ljubljana Music School SEMINAR and WORKSHOP for flute students, Franca Šturma Ljubljana Music School Theme: practical solutions for flute playing problems - individualy work and "smart" practicing. Performing workshop: training on stage, self-consciousness, practical exercises. [...]

10 January, 2019|

Philipp Bernold – Domžale

15. 12. 2018, Domžale Music School Flaute Workshop Lecturer: Philipp Bernold (France) Active participants: Nika Može, 1. l. UG and Alja Boštjančič, 3. l. UG Koper [...]

15 December, 2018|

FlavtIstra 2018 – TOP Festival!

24. and 25. 11. 2018, Koper Music School 5th FlavtIstra Festival International giury members: Jasmine Choi (Korea), Mario Caroli (Italy), Etni Molletones (Venezuele) and Matej Zupan (Slovenia). »I had such a wonderful time in Koper at the last FlavtIstra 2018. First of all, I was very pleasantly surprised of the top level playing of the students who participated throughout all the ages from 9 years old to 24 years old. Secondly, and perhaps more importantely, this special concept that everyone p [...]

27 November, 2018|

Gareth McLearnon – KGBL

27. 09. 2018, KGBL Ljubljana Lecture for flutists: prof. Gareth McLearnon (Ireland) Lecture theme: Sound & articulation [...]

27 September, 2018|

IPSIA – Forli, Italy

04th – 10th September 2018, Forli, Italy IPSIA “MUSIC, BRIDGE BETWEEN THE NATIONS” IPSIA Symphonic and Balcan Orchestra The second part of the IPSIA project - "Music, bridge between the Nations" was held on five intense days in Forli, Italy. Young musicians from Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Spain, Italy and Slovenia, created a musical connected family with a common goal: to create wonderful music. The intensive exercises in the overall sections [...]

10 September, 2018|

Mario Caroli – Livorno, Italy

29th – 31st August 2018, Livorno, Italiy Masterclass – Mario Caroli Festival Livorno – Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Pietro Mascagni” This was a unique opportunity to get the insight into pedagogical and practical work of an outstanding flutist Mario Caroli. With his valuable experiences has enriched and contributed to a better technical and musical interpretation of active young flutists. Professor Mario Caroli gave to the student Alja Boštjančič as a promising young flutista a scholars [...]

1 September, 2018|

12.-17. 7. 2018 – IPSIA Masterclasses – Kosovo

12. – 17. July 2018, Prizren, Kosovo IPSIA “LA MUSICA. UN PONTE FRA I POPOLI” Masterclasses within the IPSIA project Flute Alenka Zupan After one year, I participated again as a flute mentor in the project IPSIA - "Music, a bridge between nations". I was pleasantly surprised by the number of pupils and flute students from Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Slovenia. With some pupils we have meet again and their enthusiasm over the received knowledge from last year made me even more pleased. In fi [...]

18 July, 2018|

IPSIA Masterclasses – Kosovo

13. – 18. 07. 2017, Prizren, Kosovo IPSIA "LA MUSICA. UN PONTE FRA I POPOLI" Project IPSIA Masterclasses Participation of flute students from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Spain and Kosovo. More information: IPSIA - Prizren [...]

18 July, 2017|

Masterclasses Haliaeti – Izola

28. 06. – 07. 07. 2017,  Izola Music School Masterclasses Haliaeti 2017 Flute: Alenka Zupan On 6th and 7th July 2017, participants of Masterclasses Haliaeti 2017 presented themselves at final concerts. Flute masterclass under mentorship of Alenka Zupan attended students: Maja Barbara Bizajl, Alja Boštjančič and Katja Leben. . . . . . . . More information: and [...]

7 July, 2017|