Workshops, seminars

//Workshops, seminars

Workshop – Tolmin Music School

27. 06. 2016 - Tolmin Music School WORKSHOP FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE: Alenka Zupan Exercises: behavior on stage, performances, communication and expression, playing with intention. For Tomin Music School teachers [...]

27 June, 2016|

Flute Masterclass – Oberlin, Ohio, USA

25. 4. 2016, Flute Masterclass, Oberlin, Ohio, USA FLUTE MASTERCLASS Conservatory of Music Oberlin, Ohio, USA for flute students [...]

25 April, 2016|

Flute Masterclass – Gainesville, Florida, USA

26th October 2015, Gainesville, Florida, ZDA University of Florida-Flavtistični oddelek/College of the Arts – School of Music Flute Masterclass for flute students [...]

26 October, 2015|

FlavtIstra – 4th Workshop

19th-20th September 2015, MODRIART and Koper Music School FlavtIstra 4th Workshop for Flute students and teachers Project Manager: Alenka Zupan Lecturers: dr. Matej Plevnik, Rozana Bažec and Maja Gal Štromar INFO – for flute students and teachers [...]

20 October, 2015|

Workshop for Flute Orchestra – Thailand

10th October 2015, Bangkok, Thailand Thailand Flute Festival Flute Orchestra Workshop with performance for flute students [...]

10 October, 2015|

Workshop – Thailand Flute Festival

10th October 2015, Bangkok Thailand Thailand Flute Festival Workshop: Flute playing for flute students [...]

10 October, 2015|