Alenka Zupan, in addition to her regular teaching, is active concert performer and taking lecturers.

She performed on concerts stages in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, France, Malta, Thailand and United States.

Since 1998, she leads seminars, workshops and presentations for flute and other instrument teachers and students on the topics: successful flute practicing, how to teach flute, playing flute and music interpretation, stage fright elimination and communication and flute manuals presentations. Alenka took lectures at music schools and institutions in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Buenos Aires – Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sao Paulo – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, Bangkok – Thailand, France, Florida – USA.

Since 1997, she organizes and conducts flute music workshops named Pikolo for young Slovenian flutists in Bled, already 17 up to now. From 2013 she leads masterclass for flute in collaboration with Ars Haliaeti and Koper Music School organized by pianist Rok Palčič.

As a founding leader in collaboration with the Koper Music School, from 2012 Alenka organizes workshops for Slovenian flute teachers, where selection of excellent speakers share to flute teachers relevant skills for the teaching enrichment.

The largest contribution to the Slovenian flutists is undoubtedly organization of FlavtIstra – an international platform for young flutists: FlavtIstra, 2007, 2012, 2014.  As a founding leader in collaboration with Koper Music School  FlavtIstra acts as festival, offering workshops, exhibitions, lectures and concerts of eminent flutists that allows flute students and teachers expand dimension with exceptional musical experience.