“In my educational process I have often met with questions from pupils / students such as: “How should I practice? What exercises can improve my technique? Where should I be extra careful?”. To answer shortly, I can only say that you have to get the manuals, written by Alenka Zupan. Manuals are the result of her dedicated and in-depth teaching, studies, as well as practical knowledge when you “stand alone on stage”. Manuals provide ALL the necessary sections, which very carefully and with methodically clear way explain the process from heard to played. Besides all the technical elements, the biggest impression bring particularly her “biblical” 10 golden rules that we (not just flutists!) should follow, and will allow us to enjoy our musical journey.”

prof. Matej Zupan, professor of flute at Academy of Music Ljubljana, Slovenia


“The flute, an instrument of the past, present and future, calls for remarkable virtuosity and tone interflow. In order to achieve this one needs a high level of dedication and a lot of enthusiasm and patience to practice. The Manuals for Teachers and Students of Music Schools written by Alenka Zupan – a distinguished flautist and teacher – shed light on basic elements of flute playing. Presented in a systematic manner, the exercises for tone and technique offer an excellent starting point for attaining the goal of each flautist – to become an accomplished musician.”

prof. Fedja Rupel, professor of flute at Academy of Music Ljubljana, Slovenia (2 March 2009)

“Practice makes perfect and perfection makes practice … When conceiving these up-to-date manuals for flute teachers and students of music schools, Alenka Zupan most certainly did not have in mind the above-mentioned saying and its adaptation. Yet that is exactly what her work is about. As a connoisseur of widely used methods of flute playing and foreign manuals, she compiled a set of exercises, tested them with her students, seminar participants and other flute teachers, and then published them in this three-volume handbook. This systematic collection offers step-by-step exercises for tone, technique and speed, tongue, dynamics and vibrato. Each chapter opens with a presentation of characteristics of individual elements and goals of practice, and continues with basic playing tips. The students are encouraged to try their hand at variants of individual exercises, while the teachers are provided with information on useful literature. The manuals end with ten golden rules that bring to the fore the factors necessary for successful flute learning. Last but not least, they reflect the author’s wish that the beauty of flute playing and the newly-acquired skills would bring a myriad of unforgettable moments to not only young musicians, but also their audience.”

prof. Branka Rotar Pance, Assistant Professor at Academy of Music Ljubljana, Slovenia (9 March 2009)

“Let this handful of words pave the way to a favorable reception of this meticulous publication. The manuals by the diligent flautist and flute teacher Alenka Zupan, MA, will enhance Slovenian literature on music and provide young flautist and their teachers with an invaluable source of exercises for their further successful work and flute playing.
Per aspera ad astra, through thorns to the stars. And serious commitment to music is indeed a thorny path.
In order to make music sing, musicians have to master their bodies and instruments. And anything that helps us on this path is precious. Alenka’s manuals make the path less thorny and bring us closer to the stars.”

prof. Andrej Misson, Assistant Professor at Academy of Music Ljubljana, Slovenia (24 March 2009)

slike-platnic-8c slike-platnic-9cExercises for Flute I, II and III


Second edition was published in February 2010.

The target users of the manuals are flute teachers and students.
Their aim is to assist them in enhancing their teaching and learning
and to encourage students to grow and transcend all their limits
and do not hesitate to fully express their love of music.

Flute teachers in Slovenian music schools lacked of teaching materials that would contain a collection of systematic exercises for developing the basic elements of flute playing. In order to bridge this gap, Alenka Zupan has written three manuals that help flute students to develop their technical knowledge, to enhance their playing dexterity and to overcome their shortcomings in music performance.

A unique set of three manuals for flute students and teachers:

  • A useful handbook for the development of basic skills in flute playing;
  • A collection of appropriate step-by-step exercises offering solutions to specific problems in flute playing.

The three manuals for teachers and students entitled Exercises for flute I, II and III include:

  • Exercises for tone, technique and speed – scales, tongue, dynamics and vibrato;
  • Step-by-step exercises adapted to flute learning at different grades;
  • Most important elements and goals of flute playing;
  • Helpful teaching instructions;
  • Literature with similar exercises and
  • A number of options for advanced flute playing and students’ further development.

The manuals for teachers and students of music schools provide the students with practical step-by-step exercises, useful examples and tried and tested tips and techniques for accomplished flute playing.

Author: Alenka Zupan

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