Alenka Zupan – flute, Indian flute, sea, fire, birds, Rižana river (1999)

With our work and the tempo of our daily life having alienated us from nature, the sounds of nature are of utmost importance for our well-being as they have calming, relaxing and soothing effects upon us. The flute is an instrument that is in harmony with nature, and so the combination of its sounds with those of nature is characterized by simplicity and magic.


The sounds recorded on the CD have been inspired by nature. With its relaxing, beneficial and positive effects, music is what man needs most these days. The Breath of Life features the breathing of the sea and the Rižana River, the sounds of fire, the singing of birds and all living creatures from the Slovenian Littoral. The CD thus promotes Slovenia and its beauty.

I am sure that the music from this CD will also enchant your soul and help you relax.

  1. ARTICLE in Slovene: Glasba je prišla sama od sebe
  2. ARTICLE in Slovene: Plesoča flavta
  3. ARTICLE in Slovene: Dih življenja

PRESENTATION: CD Breath of Life, 17.09.1999 Koper, Slovenia

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