Alenka Zupan is a musician who has a very original and distinct view on music and concert performing. She sees music as a holistic art that reflects and promotes the harmony of the living world and the nature. In order to make people aware of this harmony she recorded the CD “The Breath of Life” (1999) which combined the sounds of flute with those of nature. The projects “The Breath of Life” and “The Light in Darkness” offer the listeners a unique experience of music both in terms of style and contents. She produced CD-s together with the Littoral Chamber Orchestra. With guitarist Marko Feri they issued a CD entitled VIEWS (2016) through publisher Baros Records.

Her solo concerts have been recorded by Radio Koper-Capodistria, Radio Slovenija, Televizija Koper Capodistria, Televizija Slovenija, Radio Malta, etc. Music commentators on Alenka’s performance claim that she is a unique artist who has a sophisticated feeling for interpreting music.