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Flute Masterclass – Martin Belič

25. 01. 2020, Domžale Music School Flute Masterclass – Martin Belič Flute teachers, students and pupils  gathered in Domžale for a Masterclass of the famous young flutist Matin Belič, who is a member of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. Active students: Alja Boštjančič and Nika Može, passive: Katja Filipič. The greatest emphasis at the Masterclass was the importance of singing phrases before playing, practicing the tongue with the support of the air, strengthening the muscles of the tongue in v [...]

25 January, 2020|

Flute WORKSHOP – Horatio Parravicini

09. 12. 2019, Koper Music School Flute WORKSHOP - Horatio Parravicini Lecturer: Horacio Parravicini. We conducted a flute seminar for flute students of the Koper Artistic Gymnasium and Koper Music School, led by the Spanish flutist, soloist of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Horacio Parravicini. [...]

9 December, 2019|

TRIESTE Flute Festival

07. 12. 2019, Trieste, Italy TRIESTE FLUTE FESTIVAL Attending Trieste Flute Festival with student Nika Može (Koper Artistic Gymnasium), and active lession with the Spanish flutist Horacio Parravicini. [...]

7 December, 2019|


20. 11. 2019, Koper Music School FLUTE WORKSHOP Seminar for flute students of Koper and Celje Artistic Gymnasium. Seminar for flute students of Celje Artistic Gymnasium (mentor Mirjana Brežnik) and Koper Artistic Gymnasium student (mentor Alenka Zupan), contained practical instructions for solving problems, upgrading interpretation and enriching the playing. The seminar was followed by a joint performance, where the students listened to each other, cheered and shared their experiences with the a [...]

20 November, 2019|

FlavtIstra – 6th Professional Workshop

 21. 09. 2019, Koper Music School FlavtIstra - 6th Professional Workshop for Flute Students and Teachers Lecturers: NINA FAJFAR BAŠA: Effective breathing exercises and maintaining balance in the body NAIKE DAPIRAN: The impact of music on human development - in children and adults A one-day workshop based on practical and useful acquisition of knowledge and exercises for effectively solving the problems of flute playing. The practical deepening and acquisition of new knowledge was attended by 53 [...]

21 September, 2019|

Andrea Oliva – Livorno, Italy

29. - 31. 08. 2019, Livorno, Italy LIVORNO FLUTE MASTERCLASS, Music Festival Flutist: Andrea Oliva Also this year, the attractive Livorno invited us to a Music Festival, from 29th to 31st August 2019, which was attended by the only representatives of Slovenia, flutists Nika Može, 2. d. and Alja Boštjančič, 4. d. (Koper Artistic Gymnasium). For active lessons with renowned flute professor and flutist Andrea Oliva, they successfully passed a video audition. [...]

31 August, 2019|


15. - 20. 07. 2019 in Koper  (Koper Music School). Participants: Lara Šramel, Elia Gustin, Nena Blažič, Maruša Gjerek, Nika Može, Nika Jeraj and Alenka Krstič. “The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to learn the Art of Flute playing every day, from moment to moment, through observation and awareness. Only consciously following the musical path enables the free expression of all the richness we carry within us." FlavtArt program encourages networking, so all all-day activities were intertwin [...]

20 July, 2019|

Mediterranean Youth Music Festival

05. - 15. 07.  2019, Forli, Italija Mediterranean Youth Music Festival "Music is a bridge between nations" Young musicians from Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. Flute seminar: Alenka Zupan [...]

11 July, 2019|

Flute seminar in Rijeka, Croatia

02. 04. 2019, Rijeka Music High School, Croatia Seminar for flute students at Rijeka Music School Flute seminar by invitation of colleague Paula Radin, for High Music School flute students and Music School in Rijeka. After the seminar, a performance of students was held, also with presentation of the flute students of Art Gimnasium Koper. Nice experience! [...]

2 April, 2019|

Flute seminar in Celje

29. 03. 2019, Celje Music School Seminar for Celje Art Gimnasium flute students Seminar for flute students at Celje Art Gymnasium (mentor: Mirjana Brežnik) and exchange of Koper Art gymnasium students. A seminar was held in Celje Music School. Practical tips for solving problems and upgrading interpretation have been enriched by the performnce of young flutists. After the seminar, a joint performance was followed, where the students listened to each other, fostered and handed their expression [...]

29 March, 2019|